Client Experiences

Nutrition Counseling 

"Amazing experience! In the age of fad diets and quick fixes it was great to work with someone who had the same views on that. They don't last!! Berit provided me with realistic changes I could make and stick with. She listened to my needs and designed the perfect plan for me. I highly recommend Berit!" - Stephanie F.

"I would hands down recommend Berit to anyone who is seeking to better their lifestyle and get on track with their diet and nutrition. I had recently gone through a major transition with my career and began working with Berit to get on track. Going from a structured corporate position to real estate, my day-to-day routine was in flux and I could feel myself slipping with both my nutrition and physical fitness routines."

"Berit took ample time to go through a personalized questionnaire to understand not only my lifestyle and nutritional habits, but to also outline any barriers that may have prohibited me from reaching my goals. Berit completed an entire meal plan based on my customized calorie intake, including the recipes for meals, as well as a list of recommendations to consider as I went through this process. She also planned weekly status calls to make sure to address any questions that I may have had at the time and to check on my progress."

"She’s fantastic!" - Rachel M. 

"Working with Berit was a pleasure! She provides comprehensive materials and nonjudgmental guidance that help you figure out how to do that meal prepping thing everyone's talking about without losing your damn mind. Berit was always friendly and helpful, and happy to assist via email in between our appointments. Within a few weeks of starting to work with Berit, I felt healthier and happier. The habits have stuck so far, too! Thanks, Berit :) " - Emily L. 

Berit was great to work with! She personalizes her approach and never judges. I enjoyed getting to know her and she did a great job of catering to my specific likes/dislikes!” - Dana B.

“Given that I am 12 years old I enjoyed working with Berit and loved that this process could all be remote. She helped me and my mom with meal plans that incorporated items I like to eat. She was always nice to speak with and was helpful when my mother or I had any questions. I did lose 12 pounds total while on her plans and felt much healthier and had more energy. Weight is a struggle for me and I may be working with Berit again in the future and would recommended her to anyone. Thank you Berit.” - Ava H.